Maybe it’s impossible to feel exactly the same way as another person, but it’s possible for people to care about one another and to place their hearts as close together as they can manage. I’m sure that’s what it means to make your hearts as one.

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awww Ryota is doing the headlines today in Japan for being romantically linked with the actress Kinami Haruka ~~

Looks like they have been spotted dating freely in the streets and she has been seen at the OOR’s shows recently.

Her birthday is 0809… just like Ryota’s instagram username haha so cute♥

Congrats Ryota, I wish you happiness ♥


 25日に最終回を迎えたフジテレビ系「昼顔~平日午後3時の恋人たち~」に出演した実力派女優、木南晴夏(29)に28日、初ロマンスが発覚した。相手は大ヒット映画「るろうに剣心」の主題歌を歌う4人組バンド、ONE OK ROCK(ワンオクロック)のベーシスト、Ryota(25)。オープンな交際を続けており、ワンオクのライブ会場では木南がたびたび目撃されている。人気絶頂同士の爽やかカップルが誕生だ。


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Shichi-Go-San (七五三) or “Seven- Five Three” is a traditional rite of passage and festival day in Japan for girls (ages 3 & 7) and boys (ages 3 & 5), held annually on November 15 to celebrate the growth and well-being of young children. 

The ages 3, 5 and 7 are consistent with East Asian numerology, which claims that odd numbers are lucky.
Particularly, at the age of seven, a young girl celebrates wearing her first obi, while at the age of five, a young boy celebrates wearing his first hakama pants in public. The age of three marks the first time whereby both boys and girls are allowed to let their hair grow.

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tumblr made me think about a lot of things but mostly social justice and my eyebrows

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"Just get in the car, Alice. I’ll explain on the way."

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